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This is a collection of coral reef photos for people looking to illustrate a project on a coral reef or who require editorial content. There are many more coral reef photos on the website which are classified according to the group to which the animal (or plant) belongs. This page has been optimized for Firefox and a 19" and above LCD monitor.

Grey reef shark, Pacific Ocean

Caribbean reef sharks

Sixteen foot tiger shark and lemon sharks, Bahamas

Diver on Purple Wall, Fiji.



Left; Coral heads in lagoon, middle; Featherstar, right; Soft coral and divers

Various Christmas tree worms

Top left; Pedersen's cleaner shrimp, Caribbean, top right; Banded cleaner shrimp, Caribbean, bottom right; Imperial shrimp, Pacific, bottom left, bubble coral shrimp, Pacific.

Coral hermit crab, Pacific.

Set three: Additional coral reef photos



Coral reef set one


 Coral reef set three


 Photo Library

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