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Family Kyphosidae

There are 52 species of drummers/chubs distributed in 6 genera. They are found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and are typically near-shore marine fish. Some are herbivorous, some omnivorous, while the rest feed on bottom dwelling organisms. They sometimes congregate in large aggregations for pelagic spawning. While sciaenid fishes are renowned for their noises (croakers etc) I cannot find any reference to noise making in the Kyphosids so the origin of the common name "drummers' is hard to fathom (pun intended ...).


Atypichthys latus Mado

Atypichthys latus Mado photographed at Kelly Tarlton's, Auckland, New Zealand

Kyphosus analogus Blue-bronze chub

blue-bronze chub

FISH 6687 Kyphosus analogus Blue-bronze chub, near Loreto, Sea of Cortez .

Kyphosus cinerascens Highfin chub or topsail drummer

Kyphosus cinerascens Highfin chub or topsail drummer

FISH 0338 Kyphosus cinerascens Highfin chub or topsail drummer Raja Ampat. Identification is tentative.

Scorpis lineolatus Sweep

Scorpis lineolatus, sweep. Captive. Leigh, New Zealand.







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