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ARKivewww.arkive.org – created by the not-for-profit charity Wildscreen, is rapidly growing, with over 3,700 species profiled, and 30,000 images and film clips donated by the best wildlife filmmakers and photographers in the business.


This is a brilliant range of New Zealand grown and sewn merino clothing. It has the extraordinary ability to keep you cool under hot conditions and warm under cold conditions. It doesn't carry odor like polypropylene. I wear an icebreaker singlet to the gym and can easily go 4 sessions without having to wash it or failing my wife's "smell test". My cotton singlets have to be washed after every session. On long photographic field trips I can pack a few icebreaker items, save weight, stay warm or cool and not have to worry about finding a washing machine. Brilliant! This line has my total approval.

Tawaki Dive

Dave and Sarah run a totally professional dive operation out of Te Anau in New Zealand's South Island. They take divers to Milford Sound for day trips. Typically there is a briefing the night before and then an early start for the two hour drive to Milford through some of the world's most spectacular scenery. When I went with them just before Christmas 2005 they fitted me out with a warm farmer john and jacket. Dive profiles are strictly monitored as two dives are standard and there is a drive to nearly 3000 feet later that afternoon. If you overstay your bottom time you don't do the second dive. If you overstay the second dive you spend the night in Milford! Might sound a little excessive but the nearest recompression chamber is a long way off.

The diving is spectacular. On my first dive I saw a small shark, two octopuses out in the open and an amazing four spiny sea dragons.

After the dive I had hot water poured down my wetsuit, given hand warmers, a woolly hat, gloves and a wind-proof shell. I was toasty warm again within minutes ... the hot soup and cookies only added to my sense of well-being. Once every one was warm again we went sight-seeing. With only four of us divers on board (they can cope with six) we got an enlightening commentary and saw stuff that punters on the big cruise boats never get to see.

After the second dive we returned to Deepwater Basin where there was a hot shower waiting for those of us who wanted it and then the equally spectacular drive back to Te Anau. Stunning. One of the best run dive operations I've encountered in my almost 850 dives.






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