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Family Strombidae

There are around 40 species of conch. Most species are in the Indo-Pacific, with six species in the Caribbean and a single species on the Atlantic coast of Africa. Once widely considered to be carnivores it is now known that they are herbivores or detritivores. They are a delicacy in most places they are found and as a result may be difficult to find. They nearly all have eyes at the end of long stalks. Many are efficient burrowers. Unlike most snails which glide on a muscular foot, the conchs move by repeated movements of their operculum (a hard plate that covers the entrance to the shell when the animal retracts). This gives them a jerky discontinuous movement, rather than a smooth glide. It does allow them to move quickly compared with other gastropods.


Strombus gigas Queen conch

Strombus gigas Queen conch eyes Belize

Strombus gigas Queen conch eyes, Belize

Strombus vomer Vomer conch

Strombus vomer

MOLL 5254 Strombus vomer Vomer conch, Puerto Galera, Philippines.






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