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This area will always be under construction as I add images to both my database and this website. It will follow biological nomenclature where it makes sense to do so. I have thousands of photos that are not yet digitized so please contact me for any difficult to get or obscure shots. I have a large collection of photos from all over the world. All fees are by negotiation but reflect competitive, current market rates. Educators and students may use the low res shots on site free of charge as long as the photo is credited.

Great blue heron with fish

sponges, Glovers Reef, Belize

Mangroves and seagrass split image Raja Ampat West Papua

Negaprion brevirostris Lemon shark sunrise

Beach scene Lavena Taveuni Fiji

Protoreaster nodosus Chocolate chip seastar Puerto Galera, Philippines





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The reefs around the Raja Ampat Islands are one of the glories of the planet. This book, based on three weeks and 43 dives at the Kri Eco Resort, is my tribute to this extraordinary dive destination.


Paddy at Caves Branch, Belize, Central America

Paddy in Belize, 2011. Photo by Dave Herrick.

“We sat on a crate of oranges and thought what good men most biologists are, the tenors of the scientific world—temperamental, moody, lecherous, loud-laughing, and healthy. Once in a while one comes on the other kind—what used in the university to be called a “dry-ball”—but such men are not really biologists. They are the embalmers of the field, the picklers who see only the preserved form of life without any of its principle. Out of their own crusted minds they create a world wrinkled with formaldehyde. The true biologist deals with life, with teeming boisterous life, and learns something from it, learns that the first rule of life is living. The dry-balls cannot possibly learn a thing every starfish knows in the core of his soul and in the vesicles between his rays. He must, so know the starfish and the student biologist who sits at the feet of living things, proliferate in all directions. Having certain tendencies, he must move along their lines to the limit of their potentialities. And we have known biologists who did proliferate in all directions: one or two have had a little trouble about it. Your true biologist will sing you a song as loud and off-key as will a blacksmith, for he knows that morals are too often diagnostic of prostatitis and stomach ulcers. Sometimes he may proliferate a little too much in all directions, but he is as easy to kill as any other organism, and meanwhile he is very good company, and at least he does not confuse a low hormone productivity with moral ethics.” John Steinbeck, The Log from the Sea of Cortez

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