tiki Ryan Photographic - Invertebrates



Hypselodoris apolegma, Rao Island, Morotai

Annelida Segmented worms

Arthropoda Crustaceans, insects, spiders etc

Brachiopoda Lamp shells

Bryozoa Moss animals, lace corals

Cnidaria Jellies and corals

Ctenophora Comb jellies, salps

Echinodermata sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and featherstars

Mollusca Snails, squid, clams etc

Nemertea Ribbon worms, spoon worms

Onychophora Velvet worms

Platyhelminthes Flatworms

Porifera Sponges





Arachnida Spiders, ticks. mites and scorpions

Chilopoda Centipedes

Crustacea Crabs, shrimps, amphipods, isopods

Diplopoda Millipedes

Insecta Insects

Pycnogonida Sea spiders



Nhandu chromatus White striped bird eater tarantula, captive


Amblypygi Tail-less whip scorpions

Araneae Spiders

Opiliones Harvestmen

Scorpiones Scorpions

Thelyphonida Vinegaroons


Amblypygi -Tail-less whip scorpions

Amblypygid, Solomon Islands




Araneae - Spiders - not yet cell phone friendly

Fijian jumping spider


Clubionidae Sac spiders

Gradungulidae Cave spiders

Heteropodidae Huntsmen or giant crab spiders

Lycosidae Wolf spiders

Nephilidae Golden orb spiders

Salticidae Jumping spiders

Theraphosidae Tarantulas, bird eating spiders


Opiliones Harvestmen

Harvestman, La Selva, Costa Rica IIMG_4518


Opiliones - Harvestmen


Scorpiones - scorpions

Desert scorpion at night near Catavina, Baja California-5771


Scorpiones Scorpions


Thelyphonida - Vinegaroons

Vinegaroon, Rao Island, Morotai, Indonesia  IMG_7573





Spirobranchus giganteus Christmas tree worm, Paradise Taveuni, Fiji IMG_9789


Clitellata Segmented worms

Polychaeta Bristle worms


Clitellata - Oligochaetes and leeches

New Zealand giant earthworms


Megascolecidae Earthworms


Polychaeta - Bristleworms

Protula magnifica Magnificent tube worm Puerto Galera, Philippines IMG_7408


Amphinomidae - Sea mice and Fire worms

Eunicidae - Bristle worms

Nereididae - Rag worms

Polynoidae - Scale worms

Sabellariidae - Honeycomb worms

Sabellidae - Feather duster worms

Serpulidae - Plume worms

Sipunculidae - Peanut worms

Spionidae - Soft tube worms

Terebellidae - Spaghetti worms

Urechidae - Inn keepers



Nautilus pompilius Pearly nautilis, aquarium shot, Fiji


Bivalvia - Bivalves

Cephalopoda - Octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus

Gastropoda - Snails, slugs and nudibanchs

Polyplacophora - Chitons



Ctenoides ales Electric clam, Raja Ampat, West Papua IMG_1945


Cardiidae - clams and cockles

Limidae - File shells

Mytilidae - Mussels

Ostreidae - True oysters

Pectinidae - Scallops

Pinnidae - Fan clams

Pteriidae - Feather oysters

Spondylidae - Spiny oysters



Sepia latimanus Broadclub cuttlefish Kri Eco Raja Ampat IMG_1130

Loliginidae - Pencil squid

Nautilidae - Nautiluses

Octopodidae - Octopuses

Ommastrephidae - Arrow squid

Sepiidae - Cuttlefish - Cuttlefish




Solomon's land snail

Particular thanks to Gary Cobb and Ron Silver for help with identifications. Mistakes are mine.


Acochlidiidae - Opisthobranch Molluscs

Aegiridae - Dorid Nudibranchs

Aeolidiidae- Aeolid Nudibranchs

Aglajidae - Headshield Slug

Athoracophoridae - Leaf-veined Slugs

Bothriembryontidae - Terrestrial Pulmonate Gastropods

Chromodorididae - Chromodoridid Sea Slugs

Cuthonidae - Aeolid Nudibranchs

Discodorididae - Cryptobranch Dorid Nudibranchs

Dorididae - Dorid Nudibranchs

Facelinidae - Aeolid Nudibranchs

Flabellinidae - Aeolid Nudibranchs

Hexabranchidae - Spanish Dancer

Myrrhinidae - Aeolid Nudibranchs

Onchidiidae - Gastropod Pulmonates

Phyllidiidae - Dorid Nudibranchs

Plakobranchidae - Opisthobranch Slugs

Pleurobranchidae - Pleurobranch Molluscs

Pleurolidiidae - Aeolid Nudibranchs

Polyceridae - Dorid Nudibranchs

Rhytididae - Terrestrial Southwest Pacific Pulmonates

Tateidae - Freshwater mudsnails


Currently many of these pages are not cell phone friendly. I am currently working through the families in alphabetical order. If the family appears above this statement it is cell phone friendly. You can access non-cell phone friendy families here.



Ischnochiton maorianus Variable chiton, Soames Island, New Zealand IMG_0160


Polyplacophora can be found here. This page is not yet cell phone friendly.


Nemertea - Ribbon worms

Notospermus, Nemertine Sea of Cortez-6361





Unidentified flatworm, Raja Ampat


Turbellaria Flatworms




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