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Patterns and textures in Nature

photo of wobbegong skin detail

Eucrossorhinus dasypogon Tasselled wobbegong skin detail, Kri Eco, Raja Ampat, West Papua


Anemone detail (Fiji)

Colonial ascidian detail

Coral polyps?

Brittle star on soft coral (Fiji)

Hard coral detail (Fiji)

Sea star detail (New Zealand)

Cushion star detail (Fiji)

Leaf detail (Fiji)

Tree bark (Fiji)

Eucalyptus bark (Australia)

Featherstar detail (Fiji)

Fern (New Zealand)

Fromia sea star detail (Fiji)

Tridacna clam detail (Solomon Islands)

Kakapo feather detail (New Zealand)

Diamond python detail

Reed reflections (West Coast, New Zealand)

Spiny sea dragon detail (New Zealand)

Sponge detail (Belize)

Sea cucumber detail (Fiji)


Sea cucumber detail 2 (Fiji)

Sponges and bryozoans

Climbers on Uluru (Ayer's Rock)

Sponge detail 2 (Belize)

Fractal sponge (Fiji)

Leaf skeleton

Sea anemone (Belize)


Octocoral 1 (Fiji)

Octocoral 2 (Fiji)

Rice paddy (Bali)

Leaf detail

Pluerobranch detail

Stones on beach, Milford Sound (New Zealand)

Ropey lava (Samoa)

Serpentine and sand (Fiji)

Soft coral detail (Fiji)

Sponge detail (Fiji)

Ascidians and sponge (Belize)


Sleeping leaves (Fiji)


Tridacna clam siphon (Fiji)

Tridacna clam mantle detail (Fiji)

Nine-banded armadillo carapace

Chameleon tail

Sand dollar skeleton

Komodo dragon skin

Soft coral detail 3 (Fiji)

Mushroom coral detail (Fiji)

Brain coral detail (Belize)








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