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Segmented worms

Common name

Asterophilia carlae Sea star scale worm (Fiji)
Bispira species? Feather duster worm (Raja Ampat)
Branchioma nigromaculata Spotted feather duster (Belize)
Chloeia species Bristle worm or fire worm (Lembeh Straits)
Eurythoe complanata Common fire worm (Sea of Cortez)
Filogranella? species Delicate tube worm (Philippines)
Hermodice carunculata Bristle worm or fire worm (Cozumel)
Hypsicomus species Ruffled feather duster (Roatan)
Lepidonotus species Scale worm (Wellington, New Zealand)
Loimia medusa Spaghetti worm (Raja Ampat)
Lygdamus splendidus Honeycomb worm (Puerto Galera, Philippines)
Paralepidonotus species Scale worm (Fiji)
  Polydorella prolifera Spionid worms (Raja Ampat)
  Protula bispiralis Plume worm (New Zealand)
  Sabella species Featherduster worm (New Zealand)
  Sabellastarte indica Featherduster worm (Raja Ampat)
  Sabellid Featherduster worm (Caribbean)
  Serpulid worms Calcareous tubeworms (Raja Ampat)
  Spirobranchus giganteus Christmas tree worm
  Spirobranchus grandis Caribbean christmas tree worm
  Polychaete epitokes Balolo, epitokes, disgusting stuff that gets in hair



Common name

Urechis caupo Fat Innkeeper


Ribbon worms

Common name

nemertine thumbail Geonemertes species Fijian terrestrial nemertine
Notospermus (geniculatus?) Ribbon worm (Sea of Cortez)
Unidentifed nemertine Unidentified Fijian nemertine


Flatworms, tapeworms & flukes

Common name

Eurylepta species Marine flatworm (Raja Ampat)
Leptoplana brunnea Brown flatworm (New Zealand)
Maiazoon orsaki Orsak's flatworm (Raja Ampat)
Neppia montana Freshwater planarian (New Zealand)
Pseudobiceros bifurcus Marine flatworm (Raja Ampat)

Pseudobiceros gloriosus

Glorious flatworm (Fiji)
Pseudoceros dimidiatus Marine flatworm (Fiji and Raja Ampat)
Pseudoceros ferrugineus Maroon, gold and pink flatworm (Hawaii and Fiji)
Pseudoceros lindae Linda's flatworm (Raja Ampat)
Pseudoceros flatworm Pseudoceros flatworm (Raja Ampat)
Pseudoceros species 2 Pseudoceros flatworm (Raja Ampat)
Thysanozoon nigropapillosum Gold speckled flatworm (Fiji)
  Waminoa species Acoel flatworm (Raja Ampat)
  Unidentified flatworm species 1 Flatworm (Raja Ampat)
  Unidentified Fijian flatworm 1 Terrestrial flatworm (Viti Levu, Fiji)
  Unidentified Fijian flatworm 2 Terrestrial flatworm (Viti Levu, Fiji)


Peanut worms

Common name

peanut worm photo Sipunculus nudus Giant peanut worm (Sea of Cortez)
Ribbon worm






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